The Hot Lunch Band


Reggie " The Unc of Funk" Carter - Bass guitar and Keyboards and Vocals

Alias " The Unc of Funk ", and the founder of Hot Lunch. He's a singer, an actor, a comedian and a very colorful performer! He plays bass with a style all his own and his singing ability is awesome. Reggie composes many of the songs utilized, especially the love songs. One word to say about this talented man is that he is the main course in this delicious Hot Lunch!

Philip Weightman - Drums and Vocals

Philip is the pulsating heartbeat of our group, combining his electronic and acoustic drums, and his digital drum machine for an " in the pocket " sound that herds people to the dance floor. His percussive virtuosity is equalled by his vocal ability and showmanship. When you're talkin' FUNK, there is no better combination than Philip and Reggie.

Louis Chavez - Guitar and Vocals

Through years of playing, Louie has cultivated a multi-faceted musical talent and stage presence that elicits respect. His guitar solos sizzle, his musical interpretations are straight from the heart, and his singing is filled with feeling and style. The wealth of talent is supported and complimented by the tasty keyboard playing and unique vocal blend of Carl Kelly.

Carl Kelly - Vocals, Keyboards, and Woodwinds

A compassionate man with unending charm, personality and charisma. Carl is the perfect " front man ". His electrifying hands make keyboards and woodwinds come alive while his stimulating vocal ability captivates any audience. Watching Carl perform is just plain fun, and ever-flowing energy is so contagious that people find it impossible not to dance.

Michael Thompson - Keyboards and Vocals

A talented instrumentalist/arranger/songwriter, Michael adds exciting keyboard colors and dynamic stage presence to Hot Lunch. His expertise in sampling and sequencing have given an added dimension to the band allowing them strong, full, orchestral sound with a minimum of personnel. His fiesty playing style an firepower vocals have helped create what's been called " Industrial Strength Hot Lunch "!