Don't Be Confused

Don’t be confused: There is only one! Formed in 1980, this legendary performing group has set the standard for live and recorded performances throughout the United States. After several line-up changes, a constant in the foundation remains in its leader, co-founder and bassist Reggie Carter. Carter remains an energetic, multi talented electric performer along with a host of incredibly talented players, Carl Kelly, Michael Thompson, Louie Chavez, Philip Weightman and Yvonne Brown, to accentuate and compliment his musical and visual attributes. There are other copy cats, not only in style but in name as well. You will find the name “Hot Lunch” associated with multiple groups from coast to coast with none being the “original” or having the talent and experience of this group. This is a showcase of national talent that prefers intimate venues, and if the opportunity arises, it is a must see show! B. Bailey Bay's Entertainment and Beverage Reviews. San Francisco, CA